Content Syndication Program

ITDN partners can now seamlessly integrate ITDN™ database code directly into their own website. By doing so, web developers can provide access to ITDN data while retaining the look and feel of their web site. There are many advantages to "content syndication" as opposed to "linking" including the following:

Content Syndication Advantages
  • HTML access code resides on your web site
  • The ITDN logo is no longer displayed - you can use your own
  • Since extraneous, speed degrading graphics will not have to be downloaded, your end users will be much happier
  • As a developer, you will have control over visual aspects of forms
  • No data maintenance or server overhead is required on your end
  • You do not have to implement frames to make use of ITDN data
  • ITDN output is Section 508 and W3C compliant

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Paula Tivey, Associate Director - ITDN
RI Export Assistance Center
Tel: 401.232.6239

Link Exchange

Feel free to provide links to ITDN on your website. If desired, you can use the logo below for the link by saving the image to your web server.

ITDN logo   (Right click your mouse and then "Save Picture As..")

Sample HTML Link Code (image on your server)
<a href="">
<img src="itdn_sm.gif" border=0 alt="ITDN logo" width=88 height=31>

If you don't want to download the logo to your server, then paste the following code into your web page to create the link:

<a href=""> <img src="" border=0 alt="ITDN logo"> </a>

Web Site Hosting

ITDN is a Tier 1 Internet Service Provider (ISP). Services include co-location options, CISCO Pix firewall protection, email, domain name registration and monthly statistics reports.

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Pictures: [ Chafee Center ]   [ Operations Rack Room ]   [ Rack Enclosure ]

Richard Siedzik, Network Manager
Tel: 401.232.6407

Linking International Trade Education

lite logo A common concern from business owners is that today's graduates are not aware of the global marketplace. However, thanks to a unique Bryant College computer-based service called LITE (Linking International Trade Education), K-12 students and teachers have the opportunity to explore the many facets of the world economy by using the ITDN as their primary source of world information.

The LITE Program offers a variety of opportunities to build global knowledge at the K-12 levels. This is a program funded in part by the RI Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the Educational Collaboratives, and Bell Atlantic.

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Bernard Blumenthal, Manager LITE Program
RI Export Assistance Center
Tel: 401.232.6516

World Trade Center RI

wtca logo The World Trade Center RI (WTCRI) is a partnership between the Rhode Island Convention Center Authority and Bryant College. For a modest membership fee of $250.00, members receive the World Trade Center on-line Web Site, WTC Network Card, which offers meeting facilities, discount hotel and airfares worldwide; and a Trade Card that serves as link to Electronic Commerce. The RIEAC offers WTCRI members 1 free training seminar, a 25% discount on the ITDN, discounts on Global Link videoconferencing, and access to international consultants. There are over 300 World Trade Centers, worldwide, which gives companies an opportunity to be part of a unique network for trade development.

Edward Barr, Manager WTCRI
RI Export Assistance Center
Tel: 401.232.6409

Global Link - Videoconferencing

Bryant College has added interactive videoconferencing to its array of services. This valuable tool assists companies to reach their goals domestically and around the world. Through this media, one can convene virtual meetings domestically and abroad, allowing businesses to expand their markets and meet clients electronically. As a result, this will allow them to lower their operating costs by reducing travel expenses and at the same time, increasing staff productivity.

We have simultaneous multiple site conferencing capabilities and personnel training sessions. Global educators, at the collegiate and K-12 levels, can also learn and teach subjects of worldwide interest through this technology.

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Dennis McCarthy
RI Export Assistance Center
Tel: 401.232.6525 logo Even the smallest U.S. business can find the support it needs to export products and services through BuyUSA. By combining the power of the Internet with the US Department of Commerce Commercial Service global network of trade specialists, BuyUSA maximizes your international exposure, while minimizing the cost of finding reputable international partners and reducing the time needed to enter international markets.

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