How To Contact ITDN

The International Trade Data Network® (ITDN) is a function of the Rhode Island Export Assistance Center (RIEAC) at Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island, USA.


     RI Export Assistance Center
     Bryant University
     1150 Douglas Pike
     Smithfied, RI  02917-1284

Directory and Operator Assistance
General Inquiries
Phone: 401.232.6407

For directory assistance, general program information, etc.

Associate Director, ITDN
Paula Tivey
Phone: 401.232.6239

For information on federal, state, corporate and educational pricing.

Network Manager
Richard Siedzik
Phone: 401.232.6505

ISP services, support and pricing options.

Database Manager
David Burrows
Phone: 401.232.6976

Questions about database content and access.

Director, ITDN
Carl R. Anderson
Phone: 401.232.6504

Programming and database services.

Director, LITE Program
Bernie Blumenthal
Phone: 401.232.6516

Bernie is director of the Linking International Trade Education program. Through this program, K-12 students and teachers have the opportunity to explore the many facets of the world economy by using the ITDN as their primary source of world information.

Manager - Video Conferencing
Dennis McCarthy
Phone: 401.232.6525