About Us


The International Trade Data Network® is a non-profit, data multiplier that provides the business community with the timely, detailed market intelligence needed to become competitive in the global arena. The primary mission of the ITDN is to facilitate the dissemination of trade information through resource sharing as opposed to resource ownership. This has been achieved by establishing partnership arrangements with both the public and private sector and by taking advantage of technological advances in data processing, networking, and communications.


Bryant logo The ITDN "Hub"is physically located in the RI Export Assistance Center within The John H. Chafee Center for International Business at Bryant University in Smithfield, RI. It is here that all data collection, data entry, processing and distribution takes place. Along with ITDN software and database development, this site houses and maintains the primary hardware that updates replication servers in the distribution network. Pictures: [ Chafee Center ]   [ Operations Rack Room ]   [ Rack Enclosure ]


In 1987, the US Small Business Administration established an International Trade Task Force comprised of members of the government, corporate, academic and private community. Its primary focus was to identify how companies could enter into, or expand upon, markets in the global arena. The collection and distribution of trade information was considered a priority and as a result, the International Trade Data Network came into existence.